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The Creative Workshop was established in 2013, when its founder, John realized there was a need for custom woodworking on the smaller scale. Early projects included: Custom shelves, towel racks and home décor products. As epoxy began to become popular, we experimented with the various epoxies that were available on the market. After a number of years and brands we have settles on the Ollogin Family of epoxy's for all our projects. We are now a distributor for Olloggin.

The Creative workshop has grown into a full service woodshop, providing all the products the "do it yourselfers" need, custom projects for those who want it done and classes for those who want to learn how to do them. 

We have expanded our service offerings from basic woodworking and CNC machining to include custom laser engraving and cuttings, sublimation printing, vinyl cutting and printing, and our latest edition, custom embroidery.

Our classes will start up again in the fall. You can come in and learn and go home with a finished product.

As of June 2022, The Creative Workshop has a retail location where you can visit and purchase supplies and finished products in-store! 

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