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She is also known as "simpli sydni" She creates all types  Custom clothing for brands and business's. 

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My Story

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My name is Sydni I am a young entrepreneur from Burlington Ontario. 

My business/story started because of our good friend "Covid 19". I was a recent graduate of business marketing and wanted to put what I learnt in school into practice. 

I took this time being at home to teach myself anything creative from sewing, graphic design, web design, printing, social media management etc. 


During this time I had the opportunity to work on the social media and web design for @thecreativeworkshop a woodworking business owned by a man named John. After my contract was over he asked if I had any interest in learning the woodworking side of his business. I was already learning as much as I could so I figured "why stop now". I started coming to the shop everyday and working on my clothing business at night! 

We soon found we worked very well together and between both of us we could create almost anything! After a long while of strategizing and working together we came to the idea of opening up a "Creative Space" This is a space where you can come in and learn to make anything you want or get us to do it for you; from apparel , mugs , charcuterie boards, tables, accessories. the list goes on. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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